Ukraine Crisis Statement

Ukraine Crisis Statement

Jo Stephenson, Managing Director at Marketing by PHD: 

Like many of our friends and colleagues around the world, the whole PHD team is deeply saddened and moved by the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, and the devastating loss of life.

Our hearts break for every single Ukrainian that has so far been affected by unprovoked acts of international aggression and we add our voices to the billions around the globe calling for a diplomatic end to the ongoing hostilities. Without exception, nobody should live in fear for their lives.

While we do not host central operations in Ukraine, we have relationships with publications and writers in the region and we stand in admiration at their resilience and strength – and of course, that of the Ukrainian people. We are monitoring the situation closely and send our unconditional support and love.

When an international crisis hits, it’s easy for us to feel as individuals that we can’t make a difference – but that’s not true.

We strongly urge our friends and followers to visit the following resources and join us in supporting the Ukrainian people. The charity organisations below are providing essential humanitarian aid for those evacuating and fleeing from conflict.


British Red Cross Ukraine Appeal 


Sunflower of Peace Foundation 

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