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Filtrona is the home of Rippatape®, Supastrip®, RE:CLOSE™ and VakTape™; making us a market leader in the production of packaging tape solutions that open, close, inform, and protect.

For over 100 years we have offered the widest range of premium quality tape solutions on the market that can be customised to suit a brand’s needs from reducing consumer packaging frustrations to delivering brand communication and protection.

We provide solutions, not just tapes. Our turn key approach sets us apart from the field. We offer applicator solutions and technical support to ensure easy tape integration to your packaging.

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We recognise the road to sustainability is a journey. Talk to us about how our growing portfolio of environmentally responsible solutions can help you take the next step forward.


Filtrona Tapes’ ECO Range is expanding, and now includes *NEW* Rippatape® Halo – the ground-breaking repulpable paper-based tapes solution.

Rippatape® Halo balances performance and sustainability and brings its own unique set of benefits, including;

  • Externally certified as Recyclable with Paper
  • Repulpability certified A+ to Italian National Recyclability Standard: UNI 11743 and MC 501: 2017 criteria
  • Based on a singly ply, specialised coated paper. No plastic films or laminates
  • Adds usable fibre to existing recycling streams in support of the circular economy
  • Tearing performance comparable to our market-leading Rippatape® 60
  • Ideal for opening paper and carton/fibreboard packs
  • Customary easy opening experience
  • Painstakingly fine-tuned over the past four years to help brands and converters across the globe meet their environmental goals

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Our Solutions

Learn more about our most popular products by downloading a sales sheet below

ECO Range

Rippatape Halo

Making easy opening of paper & board packaging more circular with our patent pending repulpable tape solution

Supastrip PCR

The first tear with 70% post-consumer recycled content in the film



Delivering superior easy open performance to the fibre and corrugated board market for over 60 years

Rippatape Fortify

Fortify your product and protect your brand with our range of reinforcement tapes



Providing easy opening solutions for flexible packaging



Our range of paper-based, silicon release liners for pressure sensitive glue lines


Generic Flexible packaging

A brief introduction to our applicators for flexible packaging

Sheet-fed SF-AS DH1

Our first applicator manufactured for folder/gluer lines with automatic stop/start, dual head capability


The versatile PA400 is non-motorised system suitable for many industries

What else do we do?


Our resealable solution providing waste reduction and extra messaging space

Brand Protection

Our authentication solutions can help protect the value and reputation of a brand


Providing easy opening and a hermetic seal for vacuum packs

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**sell sheets are due to go into design once we confirm we can refer to ourselves as Filtrona Tapes.

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