Why tailor marketing to different consumer groups?

Why tailor marketing to different consumer groups?

In order to optimise effectiveness, marketing should always be tailored to meet the needs of a targeted consumer group.

Although product marketing directly to children is generally frowned upon, children do in fact have the ability recognise brands, according to the Centre for a New American Dream. In fact, babies as young as six months of age can form mental images of corporate logos and mascots. Brand loyalties can be established as early as the age of two and by the time children get to school age, most can recognise hundreds of brand logos.

Advertisements and commercials are an ideal way for marketers to attract the attention of younger consumers, as the average UK child watches 10,000 commercials annually. What’s more, children up to the age of four or five, don’t see a difference between entertainment and advertising so watch both with equal attention, contrary to the average adult consumer.

Tweens, aged eight to twelve years, understand the purpose of ads but are still vulnerable to them. Teenagers are highly interested in fitting in with their peer group and are drawn to qualities such as their activism and desire to challenge conformity and repackage them in the form of cool, counter-culture brands.

The most effective way to reach teenage consumers is through the use of social media; after all, approximately 81% of teenagers online use social media, with 77% using Facebook. Therefore, reaching out to these consumers on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram is key.

Keeping up with current trends, using celebrities or well-known ambassadors and accompanying campaigns with popular music is likely to catch the attention of that particular consumer group.

Marketing to Millennials is all about online presence and social media, this consumer group tends to do extensive research before buying luxury products or other big purchases, making it crucial for brands to create a story which shows them in the best light using a range of different channels.

The older adult and elderly categories are segments that offer significant untapped potential as they are rarely targeted and have significant disposable income. 77% of this consumer segment shop online, however it is important to remember they may need support to read marketing messages more easily.  For example, making sure font size is large enough and easy to read online and that appropriate graphics are used to capture their attention. Older people do tend to have both time and money, but they are also more careful about spending than the younger generation.

Whilst consistency of brand image is necessary, it is important to remember that the various consumer groups will have specific wants and needs and may prefer to connect with you in different ways. Adopting a varied approach that is tailored to the consumer groups you are aiming to target is the first step towards ensuring that you create a successful marketing campaign.

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