Silent but SASI: Schoeller Allibert Launches New Family of Totes for Automated Warehousing Systems

Silent but SASI: Schoeller Allibert Launches New Family of Totes for Automated Warehousing Systems

Scholler Allibert UK has launched SASI®– a market leading family of ‘silent’, reusable totes, specially designed for the automated warehouses of today and tomorrow.

Designed by some of Europe’s leading logistics innovators, the range comprises five containers in various sizes that incorporate clever design features to meet the demands of system integrators without compromising on sustainability.

Ideal for use in a range of sectors including retail, e-commerce, industrial manufacturing, warehouse automation and distribution, the SASI range is flexible, adaptable and robust.

SASI totes are 100% recyclable, can be moulded from recycled plastic and have unique features in the base to significantly reduce noise within the warehouse environment.

Jon Walkington,Sales and Marketing Director at Schoeller Allibert UK, said:“The SASI range is a family of innovative totes, in five popular sizes, tailor-made to meet the needs of storage and fulfilment systems in modern warehouses, as well as in micro-fulfilment centres.

“The novel ‘silent’ containers are designed to put efficiency and sustainability at the heart of operations. Ultimately, SASI enables end-users to future-proof their businesses. These five new solutions are the first of a larger SASI portfolio, with even more revolutionary products to come in the near future.”

The widely customisable range is suitable for all types of conveyor belts, mini-load, shuttle and multi-shuttle systems. Integrated pick-up points and impact resistant corners ensure high manoeuvrability and on-going performance on conveyors. Handles can either be closed or opened depending on manual operating requirements.

Each tote can withstand temperatures from -10°C to 50°C and has a load capacity of up to 35kg. Customers can choose from two footprints, three heights and solid or ventilated walls. Optional drainage holes are also designed for the easy removal of water, the SASI range meets all fire safety requirements according to global FM regulations.

To maximise warehousing denistity, optional dividers can be used to provide upto eight separate compartments within each tote. SASI totes are all available with or without barcode zones/labelling.

“With countless possibilities from a single range, SASI demonstrates Schoeller Allibert’s commitment to meeting the needs of the on-demand economy by delivering reusable packaging solutions that bring about multiple benefits for end-users,” added Walkington.

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