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Looking to boost supply chain agility
without eating into your CAPEX budget?

With Schoeller Allibert, it’s easy. Our class-leading Returnable Transit Packaging solutions for the retail, food processing and bulk movement sectors are now available for rental, helping supply chains of every size and complexity control costs, increase flexibility and deliver performance.

Our rental solutions also benefit from Schoeller Allibert’s world class service, to provide a value proposition that no other business in the market can match. The Schoeller Allibert team invites you to see the benefits for yourself with a FREE 60 day trial of Schoeller Allibert products. Click here to discover more or to secure your trial.
We are also offering a free dedicated site survey, with our experienced team working with you to find the ideal rental solution for your supply chain. Click here to arrange a free site survey at your convenience.

RTP rental at a glance

Durable plastic packaging – a high-performance alternative to cardboard, which is typically only designed for single use before being recycled, and then taking excess time, energy and resources to recover

As a result of a much stronger lifetime value over cardboard, plastic RTP creates enormous long-term cost savings through the supply chain

By renting over outright ownership, transit packaging from Schoeller Allibert does not have UK Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT) cost liability for customers

A full 360-degree product life cycle means optimal use of resources

Under the rental scheme, Schoeller Allibert handles repair and maintenance


Strong, nestable and stackable, JumboNest is a next-generation rigid pallet container (RPC).

Combo Excelsior Hybrid

Safe, hygienic and efficient, Combo Excelsior Hybrid is ideal for use in food processing supply chains.

Magnum Optimum

The strongest foldable large container (FLC) on the market, suitable for a wide array of applications.


Designed with handling safety and security at heart, Chemiflow is a high-performance Intermediary Bulk Container (IBC)

Products in the rental scheme can be supplied with full SmartLink® integration. A platform using LPWAN wireless technology to link individual containers, SmartLink effortlessly turns any supply chain into a network of intelligent assets that can be managed and controlled from a central point on the secure cloud-based application.

The benefits of SmartLink include:

Every product stays traceable across the supply chain

Little to no lost asset costs throughout the period of rental or at the end of the agreement

SmartLink can display if a unit is folded and empty or in use, reducing asset fleet cycle time

The technology collates details on asset use, on a weekly, monthly and annual basis, making sure assets are used efficiently and effectively, as well as highlighting any non-compliance

With 3PL or 4PL networks in play, SmartLink can provide independent data on cross-docking, delivery and arrival times. The technology can even connect directly with ERP systems and real time PODs, giving absolute control of data

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