Schoeller Allibert UK shares sustainability success in 2021

Schoeller Allibert UK shares sustainability success in 2021

Schoeller Allibert, a leading UK manufacturer and supplier of returnable and recyclable plastic packaging solutions, has shared its sustainability success as the business has almost doubled its use of plastic recyclate in a year.

The business, which supports customers across industries such as manufacturing, food processing, retail and e-commerce, automotive and chemicals, centres its operations around creating more sustainable, cost-effective and efficient supply chains for its customers. As part of its efforts, Schoeller Allibert seeks to reduce its use of virgin plastic in favour of recycled materials.

Schoeller Allibert is celebrating success after revealing that its use of 15% plastic recyclate in 2020 has increased to 28% in 2021.

Jon Walkington, Sales Director at Schoeller Allibert UK, explains why the uplift is so significant: “For a business to succeed in today’s commercial environment, sustainability has to sit front and centre of operations. It’s not only powered by consumer demand for ‘greener’ businesses, but to secure the long-term success of modern industry. As an integral part of the supply chain, we recognise our enormous role in supporting environmentally conscious operations.

“With our durable plastic solutions, that include totes, pallets, containers, IBCs and beyond, we are always looking at new ways to make business more sustainable and for us, that means creating our products from recycled plastics and helping to ‘close the loop’. By doubling our use of recycled material, we’re demonstrating that our environmental commitments run the full gamut of our business and its long-term strategy. Not only that, but it assures our customers that as a reputable supplier, they are receiving materials with a robust provenance in today’s legislative environment, where auditing and data trails are so crucial.”

As a business with a sharp focus on sustainability, Schoeller Allibert has supported customers through changing regulatory waters. This includes sharing updates surrounding the incoming UK Plastic Packaging Tax, what it means for businesses operating in the country, and where Schoeller Allibert can help to reduce the economic burden for brands.

In addition, the business launched its pioneering buy-back scheme in 2020, designed to reduce supply chain costs and environmental impact for Schoeller Allibert customers. Through the scheme, Schoeller Allibert can break down existing plastic supply chain packaging from any manufacturer and reprocess it into Schoeller Allibert’s leading product range. Solutions created in this way go through the same stringent quality testing as all its products to ensure the brand’s hallmark quality and performance.

Jon added: “We know that no business can afford to stay still in terms of sustainable development, and that’s as true for our business as it is for our customers. By significantly increasing our use of recyclate, we are showing that Schoeller Allibert can lead the charge in terms of sustainability, as well as supply chain performance and efficiency. We truly believe in the adage of ‘leaders don’t follow’, and it’s this dedication and ceaseless drive for improvement that keeps our customers on top of their respective industries.”

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