Schoeller Allibert Revolutionises Pallet Market with Repairable Range

Schoeller Allibert Revolutionises Pallet Market with Repairable Range

Retailers, food processors and manufacturers can bring greater cost-effectiveness and health and safety benefits to their warehousing and logistics operations with a new, game-changing, repairable rackable pallet range from Schoeller Allibert.

BaYoPal® is a heavy-duty, sustainable, plastic solution for those operating in the retail, food, beverage, agriculture and industrial manufacturing industries. Built from a collection of robust components that can be completely replaced, the range has been designed to withstand the rigours of today’s fast-paced supply chains.

“BaYoPal is a unique and exciting innovation which truly changes the game for warehousing and logistics operations in terms of cost, health and safety,” said Jon Walkington,Retail and System Integrator Sales Director at Schoeller Allibert UK.

“Other plastic pallets on the market, if broken, are either damaged beyond repair or have to be repaired by a specialist third party. Even when repaired in this way, the physical characteristics of the pallet often change and future strength and performance cannot be tested or assured

“Pallets, by virtue, hold hundreds if not thousands of kilogrammes of product, up to 6000kg in the case of BayoPal. With repairs carried out externally, often outside of an automated or similarly controlled process, end-users are not only risking damage to product should the pallet fail but also compromising the safety of the operator. By comparison, BaYoPal is designed to be impact resistant and comprises multiple components making it hard to break but easy to repair!” Walkington added.

Each component of the pallet – top deck, runners, and patented bayonets – can be easily replaced. Additionally, the novel design of the bayonet enables it to be sacrificial to protect more expensive components from damage.

As supply chains strive for increased operational efficiency, agility and profitability, BaYoPal is conveyor-friendly and built to ISO standards allowing easy integration and making it ideal for next-generation automated warehouses.

BaYoPal offers static load capabilities of 6,000kg with a dynamic load capacity of 1,500kg – an increase on previous pallet designs – and its optimal top deck design adds rigidity for stable crate stacking. Corner ribs help withstand impact in harsh warehousing environments and speed up shrink film wrapping for faster order preparation and shipping.

Walkington added: “As far as we know, BaYoPal is the only pallet that can be repaired to its original structure and performance. This is a solution that has been missing for years and Schoeller Allibert is delighted to finally bring this robust and durable solution to market. It brings added value and significantly increases health and safety in the warehouse.”

The company is already trialling a recycled composite version of BaYoPal to further support its environmental and circular economy commitments.

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