Schoeller Allibert Challenges Retailers to ‘Think Outside of the Cardboard Box!’

Schoeller Allibert Challenges Retailers to ‘Think Outside of the Cardboard Box!’

In response to growing concerns of a cardboard shortfall facing the retail sector, Schoeller Allibert UK, the European market leader in reusable plastic container solutions for automated warehousing and logistics, has underlined the benefits of ‘making the switch’ to alternative sustainable and recyclable plastic containers.

The business has spoken about the potential future of the retail sector and believes that the emerging shortage could be the necessary springboard for change toward even more sustainable supply chains.

Jon Walkington, Sales & Marketing Director at Schoeller Allibert UK, commented: “Following the immediate and ongoing effects of Covid-19, brands are beginning to find themselves in a really challenging position. At present, volatility in demand is often outweighing supply of cardboard. This imbalance is driving up costs and lead times for retailers and the situation is only being exacerbated by Brexit and additional barriers to trade. At a time when commercial performance is under the microscope, it’s clear this situation is far from ideal.

“It’s been really interesting to see the renewed focus on returnable transit packaging as a solution that’s not just a viable alternative but one that brings distinct benefits of its own to the table. At Schoeller Allibert UK, we have championed recyclable plastic packaging for a long time as a more environmentally conscious and effective alternative to cardboard in retail supply chains. What we are seeing in the market is that the retail sector’s historically heavy reliance on corrugated cardboard is not without issue, and we see an ever-increasing number of big retailers making the switch to closed loop returnable packaging systems.”

Schoeller Allibert UK specialises in creating storage and logistics solutions that meet the fast-paced demands of both brick and mortar and e-commerce retail markets today, tomorrow and beyond.

Jon added: “Brands are seeing the convergence of several important retail trends that have accelerated the problem with cardboard supply. With the dramatic acceleration of e-commerce in 2020, subscription-based business models taking off in a big way, and of course the need for volume and surety of supply to brick and mortar stores, the case for switching to recoverable, durable packaging has never been stronger. Our selection, including the often imitated Maxinest®  container range, is developed to meet the needs of today’s challenged omnichannel retailers. For retailers seeking efficiency of both time and space, on-shelf availability, versatility, safety and sustainability, the Schoeller Allibert range of solutions exceeds on all fronts.

“The cardboard shortage doesn’t need to be seen as being just an obstacle. It could be a real jumping-off point – a kickstart towards meaningful change. We are excited to continue assisting businesses on their journey from linear cardboard packaging solutions to circular returnable transit packaging and play our part in helping to future-proof the retail industry at the same time.”

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