Schoeller Allibert Blends Safety and Performance with the Launch of ChemiFlow® IBC

Schoeller Allibert Blends Safety and Performance with the Launch of ChemiFlow® IBC

Schoeller Allibert, the European market leader in the production of recyclable, reusable and returnable plastic packaging solutions, has affirmed its commitment to the chemical manufacturing and distribution market with the development and launch of ChemiFlow®, a UN approved Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) designed to safely transport hazardous and highly corrosive chemicals.

Directly addressing the industry’s increasing demand for sustainability without compromising on performance, ChemiFlowis a robust 100% plastic IBC that combines class-leading versatility with a leak-proof and corrosion-resistant design.

ChemiFlow is uniquely created to meet the evolving needs of the chemical industry, featuring a complement of safety innovations that include a central top-fill for easy filling at an automatic filling line and automatic venting to reduce the risk of overpressure, as well as an optional closed system to prevent the release of fumes. ChemiFlow also features a choice of four leakproof valves and a tamper-evident cover to safeguard against damage and cross-contamination. The solution is designed to operate in extreme temperatures; a range of
-18°c to +40°c.

Nick James, Sales Director, Schoeller Allibert UK, commented: “In working closely with the chemical industry, we saw unique challenges and very clear needs to be met. We are delighted to launch the ChemiFlow IBC, which represents another significant change for the supply chain and a powerful addition to our returnable transit packaging (RTP) line-up. In designing the container, we wanted to prove that the sustainability advantages afforded by RTP are possible in a wide range of sectors. Once again, we have taken a proactive approach to fulfilling industry needs; we don’t believe in innovation for the sake of innovation – it must always have purpose.”

Crucially for businesses across the chemical supply sector, ChemiFlow is built to optimise space and productivity with an impressive 1000 litre capacity; it is also able to be stacked up to four containers high. A choice of three or six runner skids combines with a toughened external shell to create a highly manoeuvrable handling solution, even in the harshest shipping environments. As well as being UN approved, ChemiFlow is certified to ADR, RID and IMDG regulations, which smooths and streamlines international shipment.

Nick James concluded: “A large and growing number of manufacturing sectors are seeing the real benefits of RTP for logistics, handling and storage purposes. In developing ChemiFlow, we are helping the chemical supply sector enjoy these benefits too. It is clear that with inventory management advantages such as RFID and IoT compatibility, the ChemiFlow design represents the future of responsible and safe manufacturing.”

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