Schoeller Allibert Launches Innovative Maxinest® E-tail to Support Uplift in UK E-commerce Sales

Schoeller Allibert Launches Innovative Maxinest® E-tail to Support Uplift in UK E-commerce Sales

Schoeller Allibert, the European market leader in the production of recyclable, reusable and returnable plastic packaging solutions, has launched the latest innovation in its industry-standard Maxinest®  family of returnable packaging solutions in the UK, the Maxinest E-Tail. Designed to deliver enhanced logistics efficiency, hygiene and sustainability for today’s challenged retail supply chains, the Maxinest E-tail also meets the needs of the growing micro-fulfilment sector.

Jon Walkington, Sales and Marketing Director at Schoeller Allibert, said: “Online shopping has clearly played a critical role during the COVID-19 pandemic, with lockdowns across the world forcing stores to close and many businesses looking to online sales to keep them afloat.

“According to a recent study of 4,500 shoppers by global research firm EPiServer, 38% of UK consumers are now buying online at least once a week, more than any other region surveyed. In the US it is 26%, Benelux 22%, Australia 21%, Germany 20% and Sweden 20%. This means that there is a critical need for retailers to manage this exceptional level of e-commerce and everyone is facing supply chain complexity. We are responding to this need with an innovative tote that will help future proof retailer e-commerce operations.”

First, the new Maxinest®E-tail design can be combined with dividers to ensure multiple customer orders can be stored separately in a single container. This ensures it is a highly versatile option for manual and automated handling applications alike. Second, it has a very high nesting ratio of 80% meaning return transportation costs and the logistics carbon footprint are minimised. It is also fully interoperable with the rest of the Maxinest®family, a key consideration when the original Maxinest®is the most proven and popular retailer tote available. To boost hygiene, the Maxinest®E-tail tote incorporates a clever floor design that is flat and non-vented for easy cleaning and to contain any spilt liquids.

Increasing safety and ease of use in operations, the design includes a 6-way handle system – 4 on the end wall and 2 on the long wall. A lower handle recess on the short side also offers easy removal if located on high racking and access is required.

Extending the product’s functionality and performance, the Maxinest®E-tail bail arms are manufactured from a special materialfor increased stacking strength and less deflection. Another key to its success is a flat twin skin, ribbed base to minimise deflection under load and enable use on high-speed conveyors.

With bag hooks for easy picking and human and robot friendly divider slots included – if bag use is phased out or if only a portion of the container needs to be used – the Maxinest®E-tail solution delivers the ultimate flexibility and efficiency to meet the needs of today’s retail supply chain.

To discover the benefits of the Maxinest E-tail for yourself, please visit the Schoeller Allibert booth at IntraLogisteX on October 2ndand 3rdat Ricoh Arena Coventry or visit

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