PRP further increases production capacity with fastest single head flexo plate imager from Esko

PRP further increases production capacity with fastest single head flexo plate imager from Esko

Indianapolis-based PRP has become the first graphics business in North America to invest in Optics 100v2, the new fastest single head plate imager from Esko.

The brand and plate solutions provider has taken delivery of a new Esko CDI Spark 5080 digital flexo imager, which features a new, unique, and patented single head imaging technology. Delivering a 25% increase in productivity for corrugated plate imagers, the Optics 100v2 speed and quality option is the latest addition to the Esko CDI range.

“We have worked with PRP for almost 25 years and they are always among the first to take advantage of the latest developments from Esko,” said Jay Folickman, Senior Sales Account Manager at Esko. “When PRP was looking to replace an existing plate imaging machine at its Indiana facility, the CDI Spark 5080 was the ideal solution. Not only can it be configured to match all their specific production needs and accommodate all plate sizes, but it also features our latest Optics 100v2 technology.”

The innovative Optics 100v2 features a new imaging setup that enables plate makers to obtain one more full 5080 (50in x 80in, or 127cm x 203cm) sheet per hour from their CDI and achieve a remarkable 100% increase in productivity on partial plates.

“We developed Optics 100v2 to address the major pain points faced by the industry,” said Jay. “Cost pressure is increasing across the board and a lot of skilled labor and expertise is involved in flexo plate making for corrugated print production. This latest innovation means that prepress and plate making businesses like PRP can now work faster, producing one more plate every hour and improve their overall efficiency by as much as 20 percent. The new imaging setup also enables operators to run at full speed on partial plates, regardless of thickness.

Chris Green, General Manager of PRP, is excited to be the first customer in the United States to purchase Optics 100v2 with the CDI Spark installation. “We’ve been looking forward to getting the new machine, but even more so about the new Optics 100v2 option,” he said. “Since my family started this business in 1938, PRP has always been at the forefront of implementing new innovations to benefit our customers. We’ve been an Esko customer since 1996 and have a completely integrated ecosystem of their hardware and software at our facility.

“We have secured a reputation for delivering high quality work with fast turnaround speeds,” said Chris. “The Esko line of CDIs have worked seamlessly with our patented flat-top dot technology, Digital ExSpect®. As we continue to grow our business, it’s important that we build on this with continued investment in technology that improves productivity. Not only that, but with plate materials being very expensive, it is necessary to use as much of the offcut material as possible to minimize waste. The CDI Spark with Optics 100v2 enables us to achieve this.”

A key benefit of Optics 100v2 is that it is significantly faster at imaging partial plates, allowing operators to reduce waste, use less energy and minimize operator input to lower costs and boost operational efficiency.

“The technology allows the CDI to image faster while spinning the drum slower,” added Jay. “Historically, due to the thickness and weight of corrugated plates, the drum would need to run slower to reduce the possibility of the plate coming off the drum while imaging. This would mean an immediate loss of productivity. With Optics 100v2, this is no longer the case. What we’re seeing is faster imaging on full size plates and especially on partial plates, increasing productivity and efficiency even further.

“I’m delighted to continue our relationship with Chris and his team at PRP and am excited that they are using Esko technology as their business takes its next steps on its growth journey.”

PRP is adding the Esko CDI Spark 5080 to its existing suite of Esko solutions, which includes a CDI Advance, a Kongsberg XL-22 and a Kongsberg X-24 digital finishing table, as well as the full range of Esko software.

Available for all certified photopolymer plate materials, users can learn more about Optics 100v2 at the new Esko Innovation Hub (, which has been designed to provide users with a unique insight to the portfolio of innovations Esko is bringing to market in 2020. Users can navigate around the latest integrated hardware and software solutions, in their own time, accessing insights and technical information, as well as learn new ways to boost business productivity, efficiency and profitability.

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About PRP

PRP was founded in 1938 as Precision Rubber Plate to service the packaging industry. PRP has been a leader in it’s field introducing many innovations throughout the years. From print cards in the 50’s, developing capping to reduce fluting in the early 60’s, to being the first to introduce digital flat-top dot technology in the early 2000’s with Digital ExSpect®.

PRP offers a wide range of solutions from Brand Management to customized plate solutions.

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