OptiBiotix calls for nutraceutical industry to combat global obesity by developing products to offer sustainable weight management

OptiBiotix calls for nutraceutical industry to combat global obesity by developing products to offer sustainable weight management

Market leaders in microbiome modulation science and technology1, OptiBiotix Health PLC (‘OptiBiotix’) has called for the weight management sector to deliver science-driven and sustainable solutions in a bid to unite against the global obesity epidemic.


The call for a united front comes from the latest NHS Digital report, shared by the BBC on Tuesday 18th May, that found more than one million hospital admissions in England were for obesity-related treatments in the year leading into the global pandemic.


According to Public Health England, individuals with a BMI between 35 and 40 could increase their chances of death from Covid-19 by 40%. These statistical findings, together with growing scientific evidence that suggests excess weight can increase the risk of serious illness and ICU admission, means consumers are proactively looking for weight management products that transform their metabolic health to deliver sustained results.


In support of this change in consumer behaviour, new research from retail analysis and insight firm, IGD, reveals that 83% of UK consumers altered how they planned, purchased and prepared their food during the first national lockdown, with more than half of those surveyed saying they ate more fruit and vegetables during this period.


Alternatively, in the US, 60% of Americans are now cooking at home more, 32% are snacking more and up to 33% of parents have reported they are more likely to eat when they feel emotional – according to the International Food Information Council’s (‘IFIC’) 2020 Food & Health Survey.


Stephen O’Hara, CEO at OptiBiotix, said: “This change in consumer eating habits is encouraging, especially in the UK and Europe. However, it’s clear that more needs to be done by the food, drink and nutraceutical industries to combat the global obesity epidemic. This means supporting consumers by providing scientifically and clinically proven functional ingredients and products, which reduce hunger and food cravings. Consumers can then manage the amount and type of food they eat as part of a change in lifestyle to deliver weight loss that is sustainable.


“At OptiBiotix, we are continuing to research how a scientific approach to weight loss could help reduce obesity-related outcomes. Our latest study, conducted by the University of Roehampton, highlighted that our multi-award-winning weight management ingredient, SlimBiome® can be used as part of a calorie-controlled diet to reduce body weight, body fat, waist and hip circumference, as well as cravings for sweet and savoury foods with statistical significance in obese female adults.”


The human intervention study, which was piloted with 12 obese and overweight women aged between 18-65 years, explored the effect SlimBiome had on weight loss, satiety, mood and gut microbiota. By following a 1,500-calorie restricted diet plan using a range of nutritionally diverse foods, including the company’s consumer GoFigure® meal replacement shakes and flapjacks, the results indicated that SlimBiome could effectively and sustainably support consumer weight loss goals.


O’Hara added: “The nutraceutical industry must unite together during the global health crisis to retain the positive lifestyle changes many consumers have made since the start of the pandemic. By helping them adopt a healthier lifestyle now, we can make a big difference to worldwide public wellbeing in the years to come.”


For more information on OptiBiotix, visit: https://optibiotix.com/. Or to view the University of Roehampton study in full, please visit: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1756464620303819.

1. As featured in several market reports, including Markets and Markets ‘Human Microbiome Market: Global Forecast to 2028’ and ‘Human Microbiome Market by Product (Prebiotics, Probiotics, Food, Diagnostic Tests, Drugs), Application (Therapeutic, Diagnostic), Disease (Infectious, Metabolic/Endocrine), Research Technology (Genomics, Proteomics, Metabolomics) – Global Forecast to 2028’.


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