Optibac Composts Its Way Into 2021 After Parkside Collaboration

Optibac Composts Its Way Into 2021 After Parkside Collaboration

Optibac, the UK & Ireland’s most recommended brand of friendly bacteria supplements*, has boosted its sustainability credentials after collaborating with Parkside to create a compostable pouch for Kids Gummies – the new, all-natural probiotic supplement for children aged 3+.


The move represents a pivotal step in the brand’s sustainability journey, utilising new packaging specifically designed for consumer convenience and practicality, which benefits the environment without compromising performance.


Soraya Janmohamed, Marketing Director and co-founder of Optibac said: “Consumers are becoming progressively aware of our environmental impact on the planet, and so eco-friendly packaging was crucial for us moving forward. It’s been challenging, but this new packaging links closely to our core ethics, and Parkside has been instrumental in achieving one of the project’s key objectives – compostable packaging.


“Ethical supplier practices and operating in a more socially, economically and environmentally sustainable manner are at the heart of everything we do. Collaborating with Parkside has been great. Not only do they match our values, but they have also produced an excellent compostable packaging format offering super on-shelf differentiation.”


The pack created for Optibac will now form part of the Parkside Park2NatureTM portfolio. This range of sustainable, TUV accredited compostable flexible packaging laminates, is made from renewable resources such as ethically sourced plant fibres. The design of these solutions enables brands, like Optibac, to deliver high quality products in sustainable packaging that’s kind to the environment.Park2Nature also enables robust product protection through the food supply chain, while providing enhanced shelf-life capabilities, alongside meeting strict food hygiene standards.


Staci Bye, New Business Development Manager at Parkside, said: “This was a fascinating project for us to be involved in. Optibac places a real focus on responsible design and their values mirror our own, aligning perfectly with our Park2Nature range. This collaboration enabled us to create an innovative, functional and eco-friendly product for them, providing a new sustainable purchasing choice for the consumer.”


The packaging created by Parkside is fully home compostable and will break down completely within 26 weeks, gaining accreditation from TUV (formerly Vincotte). The packaging is also tested for eco-toxicity and various other criteria against EN 13432 regulations.


For more information on Park2Nature, please visit parksideflex.com.

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