There’s strength in numbers: Mastering the metrics that matter

There’s strength in numbers: Mastering the metrics that matter

We get it.

As an in-house marketing team, you’re under pressure to deliver tangible results, justify budgets, and demonstrate a clear return on investment.

Our dynamic and diverse team comes from all walks of life and perspectives, and many from B2B in-house marketing teams. We know the pressures that our clients are under, because we’ve been there. It’s because of this that we know there’s no room for fluff.

As a comprehensive end-to-end marketing partner, we collect many different kinds of comms data as part of our KPIs, but we also know how to be judicious.

Flashy overengineered reports look great on paper, but are they adding real value? Can they translate cleanly into a measurement of marketing success?

Always ask ‘Is this data strengthening the value case, or is it a vanity metric?

We don’t overwhelm you with data you don’t need. We’re a business with a lot of experience, so we’re straight talkers that can cut through the jargon and straight to the heart of what matters – helping you to drive your business forwards, engage the target market and build a strong sales funnel.

Whether you’re looking to amplify your voice in the increasingly noisy print and packaging industry, or start pulling focus in the life sciences sectors, we focus on the data points that make a difference and demonstrate real return on marketing investment (ROMI).

The measure of success

We’re a team that’s not afraid to get deep under the skin of our clients. After all, when we understand your business and its position in the market, we can effectively and strategically identify the right opportunities.

Many marketing agency partners can talk the partnership talk, but we live it. Our clients get succinct, clear, and transparent reports that help them to make a strong annual case for budgeting. We don’t waste your time with smoke and mirrors.


Over a 12-month period, PHD has generated 5,889 individual items of press coverage for clients.


At PHD, we monitor content volumes and coverage, alongside metrics such as leads generated, campaign performance, impressions and clicks. We delve deeper into share of voice, sentiment and advertising value equivalency (AVE) to give our clients a concrete quantifiable display of real-world value.

AVE tracks the performance of earned (organic) media, and contrasts that with what the same coverage would cost in terms of paid placements or advertising.


Our recorded AVE across all clients in 2023 totalled $60.9m, achieving 2.3bn impressions.


We are also not a business that collects data and leaves it gathering dust in a report, we use it to refine and enhance marketing strategy for our clients. Working with the PHD team, you’ll get the data that matters to you.

Refining your social voice

Always go where your audience is. Today’s B2B landscape is seeing the first generation of lead buyers and procurement officials that have grown up digitally native, and marketing channels have evolved accordingly. A strong social media presence is non-negotiable.

Digital marketing has changed the game over the past decade. It’s effortlessly measurable and provides a constant stream of data insights to shape and guide strategy.

For our clients, we keep our focus on the metrics that matter. For example, we track the increase in social followers, total reach of communications, and key engagement metrics.

PHD increased LinkedIn followers across its client portfolio by 61,866 in 2023.

By focusing on the metrics that build a strong case for our clients, we can optimise our social media campaigns to maximise reach and drive meaningful interactions with target decision-makers.

Media Buying Metrics

We offer effective, targeted media buying services for our clients. Where some agencies opt for a ‘scattergun’ approach that focuses on quantity over quality, we believe that impactful media buying requires a more considered, strategic approach backed by data-driven insights.

So, what does that look like? When reporting back to our clients, we track metrics such as total spend and breakdown by trade publication, circulation and pass-on rates, number of ad placements secured, average click-through rate (CTR), and total impressions to evaluate the performance of our media buying efforts.

We negotiated average savings of 34% against rate card pricing of target publications, with campaigns spanning over 70 different countries.

While B2B marketing budgets get stretched ever thinner and cost per acquisition (CPA) is under the microscope, our clients love that these metrics allow us to optimise ad spend and react with agility. We can identify high-performing channels for each client individually and refine targeting strategies to maximise ROMI.

Justifying marketing budgets is easy with a marketing partner that understands your business, your needs and your priorities.


Why elevate your B2B marketing game with PHD Marketing?


  • A clear focus on ROI. Prioritise the metrics that matter to you


  • Measurable results. Show the bottom-line impact of your marketing efforts


  • Tailored insights. Turn data into action


  • We’re invested in you. We win together


  • Continuous improvement. Intelligent decision-making and campaign evolution


  • Straight talking. Clear, honest and accountable


Are you tired of feeling like just another line on your B2B marketing agency’s balance sheet? Fed up with reports that are more about data dumps than actionable insights?

Time to break free. At PHD Marketing, we know the frustration of feeling left in the dark by marketing partners, and we’re here to change that. We’re more than your typical big city B2B agency – we’re a trusted home-grown partner, dedicated to helping our clients succeed.

“Demonstrating ‘so what’ metrics that communicate how marketing activity is driving business performance was an absolute non-negotiable,” said Sarah Rutland, Market Development Manager at Filtrona Tapes. “Establishing brand awareness, market voice, and generating leads all take a consistent effort over an extended period of time. Ensuring that these activities are viewed internally as a value add, rather than a cost add, is imperative.

“We went out of our way to find an agency that had a breadth of knowledge and skills to address our pain points with precision, embed themselves in our organisation seamlessly to create a collaborative partnership, and critically, that could help us to validate the activity by creating relevant, meaningful metrics, in line with our business goals.

“The process of developing the KPIs was as important as tracking the blend of metrics themselves. With the business evolving, as well as our channels expanding, this is an ongoing task, but at a high level what we have in place now is an honest set of objectives we want to work towards in the coming months and years. This has been pivotal in evolving our communication of marketing performance internally, and something we will continually strive to refine as a team.”

“I work with many PR Agencies and PHD Marketing are one of the best! They take the time to not only understand the needs of their clients, but also work out the best possible placements to bring their clients the greatest return on investment and meet their goals. I have worked personally with PHD Marketing for 14 years and always found them to be extremely professional in their work. They respond quickly and efficiently to all emails, and I would be happy to recommend PHD Marketing to any company.”

Kevin Gambrill | CEO

Sustainable Packaging News

Say hello to clear, concise reporting that empowers you to make informed decisions and generate real results. Focusing on the marketing metrics that matter and delivering clear ROI, we give in-house marketing teams the tools to achieve their goals, drive business growth and impress through budget season and beyond.

Our friendly team is ready to help. Click here to get in touch, learn more about the services we offer, and start writing your new chapter in B2B marketing success.

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