Life Sciences set down ‘a new sustainability path’ in 2022, says PHD Marketing

Life Sciences set down ‘a new sustainability path’ in 2022, says PHD Marketing

International marketing partner to the health and life science sectors, PHD Marketing, has shared insight from a communications perspective on the changes likely to affect life science brands through 2022, particularly as a result of the Green Claims Code, new guidance published by the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA).

The document, which applies to both B2B and B2C businesses across all sectors, aims to tackle the ongoing problem of greenwashing by applying six key principles that all environmental claims must adhere to. The changes apply to on-pack, off-pack and digital communications and aim to level the sustainability playing field, increase consumer protections and rebuild trust.

Joanna Stephenson, Managing Director at PHD Marketing, elaborated: “If we’ve learned anything from this past year of volatility, it’s that we sometimes need to throw away the marketing rulebook. We’re fortunate to work with some of the biggest names in nutrition, health and life sciences – which means we get a fantastic birds-eye view of how health and wellbeing marketing is shifting and developing – and how brands are adapting their marketing strategies to meet these evolving demands.”

“Historically, while its supply chains have been reducing waste and emissions as every other industry has, the life sciences sector hasn’t focused on externally communicating its sustainability to the same extent as other industries, such as food, cosmetics or automotive. It hasn’t really needed to – consumer attention in health and nutrition tends to be on efficacy, scientific evidence and convenience, leaving sustainability less involved in consumer decision-making.

“However, times are changing, and life science sector is set down a brand-new sustainability path for 2022; the Green Claims Code has perfectly highlighted how an eco-conscious supply chain needs to be communicated across all product categories, even those that haven’t typically used sustainability as a commercial edge. We’re expecting to see a real uptick in how health and nutrition brands, from consumer-facing to ingredients, are promoting their sustainability programmes.”

PHD Marketing partners with some of the world’s life sciences and bioscience businesses to deliver comprehensive marketing campaigns in an increasingly crowded market. The business advises its B2B industry clients of best practice in external communications and believes that the Green Claims Code will prove to be a great opportunity for life science brands and major cross-sector force for good.

Joanna added: “Sustainable thinking is always at its best when brands view it as an opportunity to ‘do good’, not an obligation or box ticking exercise – and life sciences is certainly no exception. As an expert in corporate communications, which is the key area influenced by the new CMA directive, we’re excited to see how business rise to the occasion, audit their existing sustainability claims and build a stronger, more robust and transparent packaging sector in the future.”

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