Incoming plastic tax set to be ‘a real test of UK retail’s supply chain sustainability’, says Schoeller Allibert UK

Incoming plastic tax set to be ‘a real test of UK retail’s supply chain sustainability’, says Schoeller Allibert UK

Schoeller Allibert, a leading UK manufacturer and supplier of returnable and recyclable plastic packaging solutions, has shared its perspective on the imminent UK plastic tax and its likely impact on brands in the retail sector.

The changing regulation will see additional taxation on plastic packaging imported to or manufactured in the UK, that does not contain at least 30% recycled plastic, at a rate of £200 per tonne.

Schoeller Allibert UK, the designer and manufacturer of durable containers for retail supply chains, offers insight into the current state of play for brands and retailers in view of the incoming levy. The business, in dialogue with its large customers across the UK, has noted the legislation is a real test of the sector’s supply chain sustainability.

Jon Walkington, Sales & Marketing Director at Schoeller Allibert UK, explained: “We’re looking at unprecedented changes for retailers and their logistics operations. Many are already working on tighter margins as a result of increasing supply chain complexity, so unwelcome costs are the last thing many businesses need. We tend to think of this new legislation in terms of single use primary packaging, but the supply chain will be affected too.

“We’re fully ahead of the curve with our offer to retailers, and we’ve recently announced a new sustainability task force designed to take the pressure away from our customers. Our business homes in on supply chain sustainability, upgrading existing logistics with bulk and handheld containers, IBCs and dollies that comprise recyclable plastic and can therefore better support a business-wide sustainability strategy.

“Crucially, our solutions won’t incur additional costs for retailers, thanks to their high level of recycled plastic content. While we’re all rightly looking at plastic use in the light of the incoming plastic tax, there’s opportunity for brands to shore up supply chains with more eco-friendly logistical choices that run the whole gamut of retailing, from warehouse and brick and mortar stores, through to distribution and delivery.”

Schoeller Allibert UK has recently underlined its commitment to the retail sector with the formation of a sustainability task force. This team will use its diverse expertise to guide Schoeller Allibert UK customers through legislative changes wrought by the UK Packaging Tax, Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and European Packaging Levy.

Jon concluded: “One of the key advantages of Schoeller Allibert UK is that we’ve put supply chain sustainability top of the agenda long before it became an obligation. When brands partner with us to replace outdated distribution systems, equipment and containers, they’re not just getting our state-of-the-art technology, but our deep understanding of how to drive real bottom-line value through sustainable supply chain operations.”

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