Igniting packaging business growth starts with C-suite strength says Amrop UK

Igniting packaging business growth starts with C-suite strength says Amrop UK

Global executive and leadership search firm to the technology and manufacturing sectors, Amrop UK, has shared its perspective on the increasing importance of C-suite talent in securing long-term growth in the packaging sector. 


The organisation, celebrating almost half a century of bespoke executive search services, has used its unique market position to provide insight into how packaging businesses are using leadership talent management to secure business growth in what has become a more volatile market. 


Sandy McKenzie, Partner at Amrop UK, explains: “Throughout the whole supply chain from artwork to product on shelf, the packaging sector has never been under more pressure to deliver, particularly in the face of the recent supply challenges and changing sustainability regulations. What’s clearly frustrating many businesses is that there are huge opportunities emerging in terms of volume and growth, but do we have the skills in our senior management teams to develop the strategy and results to deliver? From flexible packaging and labels to corrugated and cartonboard, we are seeing now more than ever the importance of achieving business success through the formation of skilled and effective leadership teams. 


“Factory floor teams and operatives are, of course, essential to packaging – without them, there’d be no product. However, to ignite the fire of sector growth and sustained profitability we need to be looking further ahead in the future – much further.  


“At Amrop UK, we have been fortunate enough to witness first-hand how markets shift and evolve when it comes to the role of its C-level executive teams. For example, in the packaging sector, do we have a sufficient pool of senior talent in digital strategy today to be able to guide businesses seeking to move to Industry 4.0 performance? The strength and stability of the business leadership team is fundamental to ensuring packaging businesses can capitalise on their growth potential and succeed long term.” 


Delivering bespoke leadership advisory and executive search services to a diverse collection of industries for over 45 years, Amrop operates globally with a view to creating stronger long-term stability for its clients through excellence in talent management. The business takes a granular approach to helping businesses put the right individuals in the right roles to create the next generation of strategic leadership teams, alongside providing a range of succession planning support services. 


Sandy added: “With such exciting commercial potential on the table for the industry with the shifts in omnichannel retailing and opportunities in new sustainable packaging portfolios, it could be easy for organisations to pull in different directions, trying to be all things to all brands. We all know that’s not viable, and it certainly doesn’t represent a sustainable business model.  


“When staying focused and strategic is so closely linked to long-term business stability, it’s no surprise that the packaging sector is re-examining how it attracts, engages and retains its leadership talent.” 


For more information on Amrop UK and its activities in the packaging industry, please visit www.amrop.co.uk  

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