Harry - My time at PHD Marketing

In June, we were joined by Year 10 student Harry, who spent a week with us for his work experience placement.

In June, we were joined by Year 10 student Harry, who spent a week with us for his work experience placement. Over the course of the week, Harry got to sample a slice of life at a busy B2B marketing communications agency, and see the many interconnected parts that make up the PHD Marketing business. We asked Harry to share his perspective in his own words…

“My name is Harry, currently in Year 10 and I am here to give a quick overview of my time at PHD Marketing during my work experience.

Why did I choose PHD over all my other potential placements?

You might wonder why I chose PHD Marketing over other potential placements. Honestly, my experience with marketing agencies is limited, so I didn’t initially choose it. After reaching out to several companies for work experience and not hearing back, I contacted PHD Marketing. Looking back, I’m incredibly grateful for this turn of events. For starters, who wouldn’t prefer working in a cool office environment over labouring outside in the blistering sun?

Straight away, the atmosphere at PHD Marketing was fantastic. The team was incredibly supportive and welcoming, making my time there both enjoyable and educational. 

What I actually did during the week

During my week at PHD, I have been given a high level of involvement with access to some of the most important systems and programs that they use daily to deliver connected B2B marketing campaigns for clients in the print and packaging, life sciences and technology sectors.

One of these systems I was fortunate to use was ‘Oomph’. Oomph is a fantastic CRM (Customer Relationship Management) program, used to store and track important data on clients and businesses. This is one of the tools that PHD Marketing uses to enhance its service to customers, and it’s a very intuitive and easy-to-use-tool. Just look, even I can use it after just a couple of days!

Throughout my time here, the conversations I had with my colleagues were not only interesting but also memorable, giving me insights into the professional world that I hadn’t considered before. Overall, my time within the office was so much better than the typical and very stereotypical corporate office we think of in TV and Hollywood media. 

This is especially noticeable coming from the school environment, where much of the day is spent in silence and the routine generally involves doing repetitive tasks onto paper! Instead in the office all the work was done on a computer making the tedious writing tasks so much more fun and engaging than writing with a pen.

Although it was just a week, my time at PHD Marketing was well worth it, and a great experience. It’s given me a lot of insight into not just the day to day running of a marketing office, but if I had the chance to come back for more time, I would instantly snap up the offer.”

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