ecoVeritas launches online Plastic Packaging Tax calculator to support packaging industry

ecoVeritas launches online Plastic Packaging Tax calculator to support packaging industry

Packaging data specialist, ecoVeritas, has launched a free online tool for brands, retailers and their packaging supply partners to calculate their future costs in preparation for the incoming UK Plastic Packaging Tax.


The ecoVeritas Plastic Packaging Tax calculator enables users to input information relating to the amount of plastic packaging they manufacture, import and export, before generating an estimate of direct costs based on the current draft of the plastic tax legislation. It also allows users to calculate potential annual tax savings that could be achieved by increasing the amount of recycled content used in the manufacture of plastic packaging.


David Harding-Brown, CEO of ecoVeritas, said: “It’s a little over 12 months until the UK Plastic Packaging Tax comes into force and companies need to start thinking now about how they can reduce their liability to avoid costly implications nearer the time.


“Our new tax calculator provides companies across the packaging industry with a free-of-charge estimate that will help them plan for the future and act as a starting point for taking action to reduce future tax obligations.


“At ecoVeritas, our core expertise lies in global data collection and analysis, meaning our experts can offer packaging intelligence and advise on compliance and legislation. We are keen to play our part in readying the packaging industry and its supply chains to make the introduction of the tax as smooth and cost-efficient for businesses.


“With such a significant – and potentially costly – change on the horizon, we want to ensure companies are as prepared as they can be. As a result, we invite those affected to try our new calculator and engage with our dedicated team. ecoVeritas can provide further advice and guidance in the form of a more detailed cost analysis or support around improving recyclate usage.”


The implementation of the UK Plastic Packaging Tax is part of a new law to reduce the environmental impact of packaging and cut manufacturers’ reliance on virgin plastic. The tax will apply at a rate of £200 per tonne of plastic packaging which does not contain at least 30% recycled plastic from April 2022. This will apply to plastic packaging which has been manufactured in, or imported into, the UK.


In terms of liability, businesses that manufacture in the UK or import packaging into the UK will be subject to the tax. The responsibility also falls onto those across the plastic packaging supply chain too, including online marketplaces, fulfilment houses and businesses importing finished packaging into the UK from overseas, where they share joint liability if the tax has not yet been paid.


To use the ecoVeritas UK Plastic Packaging Tax calculator, visit or for more information contact the team at [email protected]

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