Clasado’s Dr. Luis Gosálbez to Shine More Light on the Prebiotic Category at Food Matters Live 2020

Clasado’s Dr. Luis Gosálbez to Shine More Light on the Prebiotic Category at Food Matters Live 2020

Clasado Biosciences (‘Clasado’), a global leader in the development of clinically proven prebiotic ingredient and product solutions for the human gut microbiome,has announced that Business Development Director, Dr. Luis Gosálbez, will be delivering a talk at Food Matters Live 2020.

The presentation is designed to help delegates, including nutraceutical brands and food technologists, engage with the growing prebiotic category – projected to surpass a global market value of $8.5Bn by 2026, according to research agency Global Market Insights. The surging value represents a compound annual growth rate of 9.5% and demonstrates heightened consumer awareness of gut microbiome modulation.

On 13 October at 14:15, the webcast presented by Dr. Gosálbez will break down the current scientific understanding of the gut microbiome’s role in health and what it means for consumers, as well as how gut health science today is powering commercial prebiotic and probiotic solutions.

The presentation aligns with a long-term goal of Clasado, to boost collective knowledge of the prebiotic category and facilitate better gut health education. In the Food Matters Live awards programme, the company’s finished consumer prebiotic supplement Bimuno® DAILY is a shortlisted finalist in the Gut Health category.

Dr. Gosálbez commented: “We are pleased to have another opportunity to connect with the nutrition industry. Many brands are seeing the real consumer appeal of prebiotics and are looking to capitalise on the sizeable upswing in demand but are unsure of where to begin in terms of new product development or how to integrate them into existing product formulations. The key is choosing a prebiotic that blends scientific development and research with versatility.

“During the talk, I will touch upon the consumer-led trends that are paving the way for the prebiotic category and will shed light on why the technology has developed so quickly. Of course, context is everything – we will be using empirical evidence from the development of our proprietary ingredient Bimuno® to show where the category’s value is coming from and where the technology may go next. It’s a thrilling time to be working in the prebiotic space, and we look to make it as simple and effective as possible for the health and nutrition sector.”

Food Matters Live takes place 13-14 October as a virtual event. The show connects food brands and product technologists with the ingredients that are making waves with consumers, combined with a comprehensive platform of nutritional talks and seminars.

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