Chemical supply chain ‘ready for a returnable and recoverable revolution’ says Schoeller Allibert UK

Chemical supply chain ‘ready for a returnable and recoverable revolution’ says Schoeller Allibert UK

Schoeller Allibert, a leading UK manufacturer and supplier of returnable and recyclable plastic packaging solutions, has underlined the potential of returnable transit packaging to the chemical supply sector.

The business, which designs and develops sustainable containers, dollies and peripheries for the chemical supply chain, is afforded a unique birds-eye view of the sector, using market trend insights to develop its range.

Noel Lynott, Country Sales Manager at Schoeller Allibert UK, elaborates: “The chemical sector, which relies on effective stockholding and volume, is only as effective as its weakest link. Investigating the unique needs of our customers in the chemical supply industry, there is huge opportunity for businesses to rethink established norms of logistics. For example, many businesses are still relying on wooden dollies, pallets and containers despite rapidly rising costs. Others, for example, are setting strong sustainability goals in terms of chemical sourcing and waste disposal but are not thinking about their handling and storage processes to support their sustainability strategy.

“It’s no secret that the chemical sector is under rapidly growing pressure to deliver in volume, margin and sustainability. At Schoeller Allibert UK, we have developed a range of containers specifically designed to meet the needs of chemical suppliers, and there’s never been a better time to explore the possibilities. The chemical sector is ready for a returnable and recoverable revolution in the same way that food processors and retailers have embraced it.

“Our ChemiFlow® IBC is a prime example of exactly where handling, storage and logistics can play into a wider sustainability and process strategy. Built with safety, security and traceability at the forefront, the UN-approved 100% plastic containers integrate seamlessly with digital tracking and automation tools. Handling safety is, of course, a top priority for the chemical sector, and we have introduced a number of innovations that enhance operator safety, reduce waste from spillages and make logistical transparency simple and effective.”

The business has also developed Combo Excelsior®, a foldable IBC designed for international logistics. The innovative design can be erected and folded by a single operator with simple setup and an efficient discharge zone that connects to every common valve on the market.

Combo Excelsior offers chemical suppliers exemplary strength, durability and space efficiency; its double wall structure enables a 1500kg unit load, and a stacking load of 8000kg (4 on 1).

Noel concluded: The chemical sector is currently aiming to match speed and accuracy with sustainability for a real competitive edge. Returnable packaging is a solution that for many might fly under the radar due to how deceptively simple the concept is. By switching outdated handling equipment and containers for durable plastic that’s hard to break but easy to repair, chemical suppliers aren’t just getting longer lifespans for equipment – they’re getting a more effective and sustainable supply chain.”

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