Budget’s manufacturing boost will thrust UK packaging sector to new heights

Budget’s manufacturing boost will thrust UK packaging sector to new heights

Following the UK Government’s newly announced budget, which will see an investment injection of £360 million in British manufacturing and R&D, PHD Marketing comments that the decision reflects the innovation and strength of the UK packaging industry. 

Employing more than 85,000 people across the country, the UK packaging industry is set to benefit from increased investment to support fostering innovation and sustainability within the UK’s manufacturing landscape. 

Andy Dickens, Account Director at PHD Marketing, explains: “Allocating £360 million towards bolstering British manufacturing and R&D is a clear signal of support for our nation’s industrial prowess, and it’s a fantastic time for us to reflect on how British packaging ingenuity – which we saw in abundance at Packaging Innovations – is truly world-leading. While we’re yet to see how this cash injection will break down, the symbolism of the investment not only demonstrates confidence in the UK manufacturing sector, but also signifies an opportunity to further boost the printing and packaging sector. 

“Though a small island on the worldwide stage, the UK packaging industry punches well above its weight in technology, creativity and innovation. This substantial investment underscores the UK’s position as a global leader in manufacturing and innovation, and its printing and packaging industry’s status as one of the most dynamic and forward-thinking sectors on the global stage. As the UK continues to prioritise sustainability and technological advancement in the printing and packaging sector, this budget allocation will undoubtedly attract more global attention to our industry-leading initiatives and presents a compelling opportunity for international stakeholders to take note of the innovative strides being made here.” 

PHD Marketing welcomes the proactive approach in fostering growth and innovation within the manufacturing sector. As a specialist communications partner to the print and packaging industries, working with businesses both across the UK and internationally, the business is keen to have the UK industry’s talents and accomplishments put in the global spotlight. 

Dickens adds: “The UK Government’s decision to focus on the manufacturing category, as well as R&D, shows just how vital engineering is to the country’s economy and its future. That of course includes the packaging sector; it’s something we do superbly. We’re lucky enough to work with packaging industry leaders around the world, a number of whom are based in the UK. As a result, we get to see their vision and creativity first hand. We must also remember that with changing regulations such as the UK Plastic Packaging tax designed to accelerate circularity, the industry is truly showing its grit. This level of resilience and resourcefulness is what will power the packaging category into a new era of sustainability and performance – and we can’t wait to see it.” 

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Posted by: Danny