Beamglow reinforces focus on quality with BOBST MASTERFOIL investment

Beamglow reinforces focus on quality with BOBST MASTERFOIL investment

Luxury packaging manufacturer, Beamglow, has unlocked a multitude of customer and business benefits after investing in a BOBST MASTERFOIL 106 PR.

The family-owned Cambridgeshire-based company manufactures cartons with a variety of complex, intricate designs for the premium packaging market, including alcoholic beverages, cosmetics and fine fragrances.

The purchase of MASTERFOIL 106 PR is the latest in a series of investments to enhance customer care and satisfaction, as well as boost production efficiency. Since the installation in the summer, Beamglow has achieved gains in quality, production and sustainability.

James Griffin, Beamglow Operations Manager, said: “In the luxury packaging market, customers strive for perfection; zero-fault packs that uphold a brand’s quality image. The industry is being driven that way and as a manufacturer, to be successful in winning and retaining business, we have to be completely committed to delivering that. The global premium market is growing and constantly shifting, and we need to be responsive and not only meet but exceed our customers’ expectations.”

With MASTERFOIL 106 PR, Beamglow benefits from thousands of hours of BOBST research and development to deliver a machine that offers the highest foiling quality and productivity on the market, while enhancing sustainability in production. Its lower beam cam movement allows for longer impressions, meaning less heat and pressure is required. In addition, an efficient foil unwind system makes changing foils simple and simultaneously achieves up to a 50% reduction in foil consumption.

“MASTERFOIL 106 PR enables us to achieve the sharpest details on intricate and delicate stamping,” commented James. “It takes precision and accuracy to a new level which means we are able to deliver complex, sophisticated cartons with the outstanding quality that our customers require. At the same time, we are reducing our environmental footprint, and therefore that of our customers’ supply chain. Another reason why we turned to BOBST to help solve our business challenges.”

In 2018, Beamglow installed a BOBST MASTERFOLD 110 A3 to bring greater flexibility to site operations. It runs alongside a BOBST ALPINA, enabling the company to choose which machine to run a job on according to pack specifications and folder-gluer capabilities.

Craig McGowan, Area Sales Manager at BOBST, added: “Beamglow has invested in two world-leading technologies that enable the business to be agile and flexible in order to meet their customers’ diverse and dynamic requirements.

“Both MASTERFOIL and MASTERFOLD are unrivalled in terms of productivity. While often sold on their merits for output, speed and volume, this doesn’t mean there are sacrifices in quality and efficiency. Put simply, Beamglow is able to produce cartons with excellence and finesse.”

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