Ask PHD: National Apprenticeship Week

Ask PHD: National Apprenticeship Week

As we look to nurture future business talent, National Apprenticeship Week is a great time to celebrate the benefits of apprenticeships and the positive impact they can have on individuals and companies alike.  

At PHD Marketing, we understand the value of apprenticeships and the opportunities they can provide for those looking to kickstart their careers in marketing and communications. 

We’re proud to reflect on our involvement in apprenticeship schemes over the last five years and help develop the next generation of B2B marketing superstars.  

As an organisation with its eye firmly on the future, we understand the importance of providing opportunities for young people to gain valuable hands-on experience and learn from experts in the industry. Since the inception of the business, we’ve taken on five long-term apprentices and seen them grow, learn and succeed within our company! 

As firm believers in the power of an engaging apprenticeship programme, we encourage our fellow businesses – peers and clients alike – to get involved. 

However, who better to describe the benefits of an apprenticeship than those individuals that have completed one with us?  

In the latest #AskPHDblog, we asked members of our team that began their journey as apprentices, about their journey with PHD, and why every business should explore the advantages.   

PHD says: 

Oliver, Account Executive 

“We all learn in different ways, and apprenticeships are one of the best ways to learn new skills if you ‘learn by doing’. 

PHD Marketing provided all the support I needed and the opportunity to gain the skills, knowledge and exposure to complete my digital marketing apprenticeship. Throughout my one-year program, I had multiple training weeks to develop my knowledge in topics such as Google Analytics, coding and more to support my day-to-day role.  

Since completing my apprenticeship in October, I have now moved into a full-time Marketing Executive role, continuing to support clients in achieving their marketing objectives. If you’re looking to begin an apprenticeship, PHD Marketing would be a great place to start your career.” 


Ben, Senior Account Executive  

“Being an apprentice is a great way for individuals to gain hands-on experience and learn from the pros, in a busy real-world environment. Coming into digital marketing with minimal knowledge, PHD gave me the personal and technical skills to progress through the business into a senior role. I’m a completely different person five years on! 

All in all, it was a very good decision to go down the apprenticeship route. A University path wasn’t for me, and it certainly isn’t the only option for people wanting to go into a high-level marketing career.  

My advice to anyone who decides to do an apprenticeship is to be a sponge for information and throw yourself into every opportunity given to you. Never stop learning, even once you have passed. There’s always something new to learn every day, even when you think you’re an expert. That’s also a great metaphor for life! 

In summary, my digital marketing apprenticeship with PHD was the perfect introduction to communications. The team is absolutely incredible and the talent I had the pleasure of working with over the past five years contributed to my growth throughout the apprenticeship and beyond! 


Danny, Digital Marketing Apprentice 

“Choosing an apprenticeship with PHD Marketing was the best decision for my career. After switching career path from over six years in construction and joinery, I came in with minimal marketing knowledge but was welcomed with open arms by the team. With guidance always available and being surrounded by talented individuals who go above and beyond, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. 

I enjoy being able to my make my mark, supporting clients with my own perspectives and skills, and learning from those around me. I highly recommend apprenticeships to anyone considering them, as the hands-on experience and confidence in the abilities you gain are invaluable.” 


Jess, Account Executive 

“If you’re a practical learner, apprenticeships are something you should definitely consider! We still tend to see University as ‘the norm’, but it certainly wasn’t the best choice for me personally, as I learn best by doing. Coming to PHD Marketing after my level 3 apprenticeship and completing my level 4 qualification here, I received all the support and exposure I needed to gain new skills and knowledge, moving into an Account Executive role full-time. 

I’d say the best part about apprenticeships for me was being able to give a variety of different tasks a go with the support of an amazing team! It’s one of the most effective ways to learn, and it’s making a real difference for our clients at the same time. I’d 100% recommend the apprenticeship route.” 


Poppy, Workflow Manager 

For me, an apprenticeship has been transformative! Without that learning experience and the opportunity to get ‘hands on’ in a thriving marketing agency, I simply do not know where I would be!  

I started my PHD journey as a Digital Marketing Apprentice at 19 years old and three years later, after a lot of hard work, dedication and learning from a creative and talented team, I have been promoted to Workflow Manager! 

One of the best reasons for a marketing agency – or any business – to take on an apprentice is that it’s a form of learning that can’t be found elsewhere, and it brings fresh perspectives into a business. Through my own experience as an apprentice, I’ve gained three years of extremely valuable experience in an exciting and expanding industry – that I want to grow with. However, it’s important to remember that an apprenticeship is the starting point; just the beginning of my journey.  

After completing the course at 21, I have had the opportunity to work on a diverse range of projects, sharpen my skills and establish a strong presence in the world of digital marketing.” 


We are incredibly proud of our team and the work they do. Apprenticeships are an integral part of our talent development strategy, and we are committed to investing in the next generation of marketing professionals.  

We look forward to watching our team further develop their digital marketing skills and contribute to the success of our clients’ impactful B2B campaigns and engaging social media content in the future and beyond! 

To learn more about the benefits of working with Marketing by PHD for your brand’s marketing and communications needs, speak to our friendly team today at [email protected] 

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