Work experience at PHD Marketing

Work experience at PHD Marketing

You don’t need to tell us how important it is to invest in the future. As a well-established, rapidly growing marketing agency, we understand that young people are the future lifeblood of our industry! That’s why we’re so committed to helping young professionals take their first steps into the hectic world of marketing. 

Some of our longest-serving members of staff got their start here by joining on apprenticeships. And this week, we were delighted to be able to welcome Thomas, a student from our local Snaith School, on his work experience programme. He got a crash course in every area of the business, from campaign planning to design to HR, and it was a pleasure to have him here! 

Thomas shared his experience of working at PHD Marketing in the blog below. Please give it a read – it’s a great insight into what work experience means to young people. 

Anyone who received secondary education will remember work experience. Those currently at school will likely be looking forward to starting theirs, or they may be dreading it. Having almost completed my work experience, I can understand both of those sentiments; walking into a building full of people you have never met before is one of the most nerve-wracking thoughts possible. 

On my first day, I was accompanied by a feeling of nervous excitement. However, greeted by an open-plan office with a friendly, sociable atmosphere, I instantly felt welcome. Working at PHD Marketing, the tasks I was given were varied and engrossing. Everything was new and interesting, from synthesising an E-blast to copywriting a press release.   

Before beginning the week, I wasn’t sure where my future would take me. However, work experience has opened countless opportunities and helped me understand the business world. Not only this, but I also now have a much more solid idea of what sort of job I could do in the future and what I need to do to get there. 

So far, my favourite task has been writing a press release on Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 5 and its broader impacts on gaming. This type of copywriting involves researching to build on existing knowledge, then creating a clear argument in order to attract newspapers and enthusiasts alike. I also made a social media pod for different platforms, including LinkedIn and Twitter. This involved creating infographics using Canva and other software and presenting them in an engaging and concise way. 

Another big takeaway from my placement was how companies like PHD operate. There is a clear structure to the office, with assignments from account managers to account executives and copywriters, who work as a team to produce marketing content for other businesses. 

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my placement at PHD Marketing. I’ve learnt invaluable lessons and now have a much more thorough understanding of B2B marketing.  I also now have a better idea of future pathways, especially those relating to business, which I could certainly see myself taking. 

We want to thank Thomas for his hard work this week – hopefully our paths cross again in the future! 

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