Young girl at computer
Young girl at computer

What’s new in the world of wearables?

What’s new in the world of wearables?

Heads, shoulders, knees and toes … and a few other places besides. The PHD team took a trip to the Wearable Technology Show to see the gadgets we’ll all soon be wearing, and where we’ll be wearing them.

Here are 10 of the exhibits that caught our eye.

Unleash your inner Jedi

Obi Wan, eat your heart out! FlickTek enables you to control your device with a flick or a click of the fingers. Feel like a taste of The Force? 

Air purifying necklace

Protection from cigarette smoke, pollen and pollution with 2 million negative ions, courtesy of the Vybra Solutions portable air purifier.

See more information on this at Techradar.

Smart shoes

Lechal footwear vibrates to show you which way to turn, as well as providing step and calorie count info. Stopping you running out of breath is another matter …

Safer suntans

The Helios vitamin D tracker is a ring with a built in UV index sensor – keeping you within healthy limits as you sun-seek.

Vibrating coat

A microphone in the sleeve ensured a whole coat vibrated at the Hochschule Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences stand. A cloth you could play like a piano was also being demonstrated.

Interactive glowing t-shirts

Clothing you can write or draw on from across the room using a UV pen. Deborah Meaden from the Dragons’ Den was impressed enough to invest in Illuminated Apparel...

Necklace recorder

No need for a pad with Senstone. It's a stylish pendant that enables you to take notes without a pen or a phone. The more forgetful of us in the PHD office think it’s a great idea … 

Personal security

Nimb is a smart ring with a panic button. A single press sends an alert with your location and profile, and a response team swings into action. 

Kerv ring

The world’s first contactless payment ring allows you to leave home without a wallet, but still buy a coffee and your shopping. Wearers feel like Harry Potter as they whizz through London Underground barriers with a tap of the finger … so we’re told. 

Remote pet pampering

Not strictly a wearable, but too cute to leave out. The PetCube remote WiFi camera allows you to interact with your dog or cat via video, a laser and the chance to dispense an edible treat – no matter how many miles apart you are. 


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