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PHD Presents A Fresh Approach To Business Evolution

PHD Presents A Fresh Approach To Business Evolution

Who are PHD? We’re trusted advisors to our worldwide client base, recognised for our industry knowledge and business acumen. Our specialist subjects are communications, branding, marketing and design. Clients describe us as a seamless addition to their team. Teamwork is at our heart - we’re one big family.

Entrepreneur and Mum of two Joanna Stephenson founded PHD back in 2014. Harnessing over 25 years within the plastics, packaging and print industries, Jo used her industry knowledge as a solid foundation from which to pioneer the business into the highly-recognised agency it is today.

4 years later and PHD deals with 23 clients. 15 of which stem from our Printing and Packaging origins. Another 3 showcase our capabilities within the Manufacturing and Technology markets, 3 are in the Biotech & Life Sciences sectors, and another 2 are in the Construction sector. With the majority of our clients being industry leaders, you could say PHD has a global presence.

PHD was founded on vision. Vision itself is arguably the most critical aspect of business from start to finish. Now discover the PHD process to market a brand and ensure the finished product achieves its optimum potential.


Market Segmentation: Compare the market

Market comparison is essential. When introducing a product to a specific market, it needs to be familiar. Otherwise, how are strong sales and product optimisation going to be achieved?

Today, markets are crowded. The most common mistake among entrepreneurs is the failure to recognise their competition. Launching a product into an already crowded marketplace is pointless unless a brand has something unique to offer.

Market segmentation by PHD is a way around this that eradicates the hassle. PHD identify the key markets and assess their benefits in correspondence to a brand and their product. Planning with PHD is a sure way to get a brand’s launch off the ground.


Design and Logo: Brand! Brand! Brand!

Every business has to start somewhere, and that somewhere is brand. No matter the business type or sector, an idea is nothing without a solid brand. The stubborn business person turns their nose up at branding, in protest that it’s an unnecessary waste of money, only to take the product to market three months down the line and achieve sales figures in single digits. Branding is a brand’s core public identity, to showcase its purpose and communicate how it sees itself to the consumer. Tidy brands typically generate tidy profits.

An effective brand draws in consumers and persuades them to associate themselves with a  brand. A ground-breaking innovation that’s branded poorly can easily go unrecognised or get lost in a market.

A brand often starts with a logo. An effective logo draws on a business’ core values and communicates these to the consumer in an aesthetically pleasing way. Logos themselves promote business growth and repeat custom by becoming a symbol that extends consumer trust throughout a product range. An increase in consumer popularity raises a brand’s corporate identity, opening them up to potential investors and strengthening the overall brand.

Our branding and positioning services help establish a brand’s place in the market, target the right customers and fabricate a strong corporate identity. Businesses (especially startups) should be wary of underestimating the importance of brand consistency and identity, especially in today’s crowded markets, filled with the modern image-conscious consumer.


Packaging: It’s time to wrap it up

Brands can, to a certain extent, let their imagination run wild with the vast array of films, corrugates, paperboards, cartons and shrink wraps available on the market. While businesses can use quirky packaging as a way to distinguish themselves from the crowd, it’s wise they consider functionality when finalising a design’s ergonomics. The more user-friendly a design, the better the customer experience. Sometimes simplicity is the best policy.

Artwork and branding are equally crucial when enhancing customer appeal. With minimalism being an effective way to stand out on the shelf while promoting a luxurious feel, it presents itself an attractive proposition for most start-ups.

Expansion of print capabilities allows logos to be distinctive through a range of satin, gloss and textural options. Customers recognise symmetry through a brand’s packaging, so it’s essential that when packaged that products work together as a range.

It’s important to recognise that consumers are picky. They judge a brand in the first few seconds of spying the packaging. Packaging to modern consumers symbolises a specific lifestyle. Take Lidl for example. It’s no coincidence that their French Grain vodka closely resembles its upmarket alternative, Grey Goose. The packaging is specifically designed to imitate the expensive feel of the upmarket brand and present itself as superior value, via its lower price. Almost a form of packaging psychology.

PHD’s extensive experience in working with packaging producers and printers means we’re ready to support the sector with insightful trends and knowledge.


Advertising and Strategic Planning: Get ‘out there.’

Presence is essential to any brand. Without it, a brand, no matter the size, can swiftly be brushed under the rug.

Strategic planning is the heart of brand presence. Brands use strategic plans to tailor their products and promotions for specific markets. It’s a waste spending £1000s on leaflets when the majority of potential customers respond best to online ads! Markets reward those who favour research.

As the ancestor of digital advertising, signage is often forgotten, yet still poses an effective way to publicise a brand. Whether outside a warehouse or plastered over company cars, signage plays a huge part in raising brand awareness through the public eye.

Print management is essential if a brand opts for printed advertising and direct mail. Not only does it ensure literature is distributed to the right people at the right time, but it also ensures that brochures and annual reports are published to industry standards. PHD possess vast knowledge surrounding printed solutions, to ensure businesses invest in the most effective printed and graphical solutions.


Websites, Social Media & Content: Spin the web

A robust online presence is integral to a modern brand whether operating in the B2B or B2C world. When seeking knowledge, we all tap in to Google. So if you’re selling adhesives or apples, flat pack furniture or flexographic print, having a great internet presence drives a business forward today in modern commerce.

Website success is hinged on design and utilising various strains of social media. Despite mostly being plastered in ‘accidental’ selfies and epic fails, social media is a great way to engage consumers and expose a brand’s personality. A social presence is an effective way to gauge feedback and promote new lines through the assessment of a brand’s consumer base.

A website can be attractive to the eye and have a buzzing social network, but that’s all wasted if the written content fails to engage consumers in the brand. Vibrant copy and a tailored writing style are essential.

Customers require a deeper connection with a brand beyond visuals; content marketing is the key today. Publishing recent news is an effective way to show customers and potential investors how a brand is moving forward. Hiring new staff, technological investments and new discoveries are all effectively publicised through PR and content pieces. Getting creative with industry thought leadership articles can also set the business apart and demonstrate true market status.

PHD are experts in helping brands get ‘out there’ online. Bear in mind that brands who prioritise their online presence as equal to their physical presence, typically experience higher sales figures and increased public engagement. PHD’s tech-savvy digital strategy team are on hand to develop and optimise brands over the web, while advising on the most effective investments. Couple this with expertise in top-tier photography, image enhancement and video, and you can witness your brand’s web presence come alive.


Media Relations: Master the media

When launching a new brand, it’s vital that media exposure is maximised. It’s important not to wade in blindfolded as a solid media presence requires structure. It’s hard to know where to start. Magazines, newspapers, television, radio – the list is endless.

‘You’ time is important! Before launching a brand, the potential of the team behind it needs to be maximised, otherwise, how can the brand be promoted to the best of their ability? Being an entrepreneur is an endless pursuit of achievement, both physically and mentally, hence why settling can prove fatal in a fluctuating market.

Public speaking is a great way to boost brand engagement by enabling consumers to understand a brand’s vision, business model and core values. All of which enhances a brand’s industry profile.

For those who’d prefer to steer clear of the public spotlight, PHD’s years of experience in professional speaking provides a brand with the power to engage customers and potential investors. With experience in forming partnerships and securing investment, PHD is one to keep in mind for top-tier business promotion.


Exhibitions & Conferences: Recognition of the competition

Getting to know the competition isn’t just advisory, it’s essential. Competitors are a great way to gauge activity within the market and keep in touch with the latest industry developments. Exhibitions and conferences expose brands to like-minded people, hence why millions are spent on networking opportunities every year.

These events often feature awards; a great tool in gaining industry recognition and attracting investment. PHD encourage all our clients to apply for awards specific to their sector, not only to gain recognition for their work but to reassure customers of their product’s quality.

PHD is responsible for some of the quirkiest and most innovative stands to grace exhibition halls. Backed up by years of event management experience, exhibiting through PHD  presents brands with the chance to compete alongside and converse with other leaders in their industry.


Future planning, presentations & securing investment: Think forward

Businesses that fare the best in today’s turbulent economic climate are those adopting a forward-facing outlook. Brands with no lustre to grow and map out their future endeavours become sitting ducks from the first pitch.

The first pitch has to be professional. Being shy or big-headed instantly makes potential investors raise red flags. Investors look for someone who gives them confidence both in their investment and product.

This doesn’t mean blind them with endless figures, irrelevant information or leave them without crucial information. Presentations should consist of key facts to refer back to and expand upon.

Forward facing brands are a far more attractive option to investors. A brand’s future is what investors themselves are investing in. They’ll pay particular attention to a brand’s visions and values, as without them brands lose sight of their identity.

Inward investment is another excellent way to demonstrate forward thinking and passion for a  brand. Whether it be technological, creative or recruitment, inward investment is proof of commitment to a business venture. 

For those struggling to envisage their business in the long term or not sure how to professionally convey their passions to investors, PHD’s presentation skills service is here to help. With vast capabilities in presentational development, PHD aim to assist brands in welcoming a forward-facing future.


Discover PHD

PHD want to hear from you! Branding, promotions, media, networking and industry knowledge are traits we’re ready to inject into businesses nationwide. Allow PHD to craft new content and boost brand development, while you plan your next move.

PHD’s content and PR team encompasses a multitude of copywriting experience stemming from roots in journalism and advertising industries. The word-savvy team are proud to boast articles placed in highly regarded publications and mainstream media. Words are their forte.

The online gurus of our digital team possess vast levels of web promotion and social media skills to take brands online and onto social networks. The digitally minded team are proud to post on behalf of worldwide clients and increase their online engagement.

PHD have decided to confront high profile packaging issues head-on by hosting a unique event for journalists and clients. The event entitled PHD Presents addresses the great debate surrounding innovations in sustainable packaging, concerning the changes imposed by a new generation of socially conscious consumers. The event will take place on 25th October in central London.

To discover more about PHD Presents and to find out how we can help to boost your brand, visit or give us a call on 01977 708 643