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Packaging à la mode

Packaging à la mode

Fashion really is sinking its teeth into everything nowadays – even packaging. Check out these four fashion inspired packaging design trends for 2016.

Metallic madness

This year it appears the world of fashion has gone mad for metallics. Foil and mirror look clothing and beauty products can be found everywhere including the packaging! These copper, steel and aluminium look packs are an eye-catching way of using an out of this world luxury.

Less is more

One key trend this year is au natural – less is definitely more. Simple clothing and beauty products have been reflected into the packaging that surrounds them. A simple packaging design is a clever way of drawing attention to the pack – the use of one or two statement colours and a plain background can be teamed with clear and extensive labelling to project a clean and trustworthy message to consumers.


You can always guarantee that hanging on to those clothes that are no longer in fashion will be worth it, as fashions always seem to come back around. Vintage, old school designs create feelings of nostalgia. Beverage product packaging is particularly experimental in this area, recreating timeworn classics in order to really attract consumers through the power of reminiscence. 

Fun and loud

Fashionista’s always want the attention – well so does the product on the shelf. This year has seen the most daring outfits and beauty styles yet – from the bright and vivacious neon eyeliners and lip colours to the most out there outfits in all kinds of textures and colours. Bright packaging can do just the same - loud designs and vivid colours will draw the shoppers’ attention away from those mundane designs next to them.

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