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Our Digital Future - A Marketer’s Perspective

Our Digital Future -  A Marketer’s Perspective

There’s no escaping it, the digital revolution is upon us and we need to embrace it. By effectively keeping ahead of digital trends, business is likely to become significantly easier, not to mention life itself.

For all the technophobes out there, I’m afraid you either ride the digital wave or get left behind. 

Our world, as we know it, is expanding at a phenomenal rate. Did you know that in just one hundred years, from 1950 to 2050, the global population will have increased by an astonishing 379%? Hard to believe isn’t it? And what does this large population mean? More people entering the digital race with two thirds of people living closer in urban locations by 2050.

The Internet today makes the world go round. By 2050, five of the nine billion of the world’s population will be active Internet users. The Internet is now dominating our lives, both professionally and personally. Currently 5.6 hours per day on average are spent online, whether online shopping, trawling the Internet, checking emails or using social media.

Social media is increasing time spent on the Internet for many. When each person on average has 5.54 social accounts, it’s no surprise the amount of hours creep up. And, with innovative social media platforms getting created every day, it is showing no sign of slowing. 

This is all facilitated by the fact that 80% of the global population will have a smartphone by 2020.  With a smartphone or tablet today you can do almost anything.  Consumers are continuously connected on the go. 

From drone usage for delivery of Internet shopping to the development of the ‘Internet of Things’, a new level of interconnectedness of devices, the opportunities in the digital world for businesses and consumers appear to be limitless.

2016 trends such as video marketing, advertising on up and coming platforms such as Instagram and new innovative ways to reach target consumers based on their interests are helping marketers to keep on top of the game. 

Keep an eye out for our future blogs that will explore digital trends to help you keep ahead in marketing, business and daily life in 2016 and beyond.

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