Young girl at computer
Young girl at computer

Meet The Team - Ben

Meet The Team - Ben

What is your position and what clients do you work with? 

Marketing Executive. I work with Sparkle, Cornelius, Creation, Contact Originators, Packaging Collective, blu-3 and Kerfoot

What do you bring to the team? 

Banter! Seriously, I think I bring creativity

How has PHD helped you develop? 

They’ve helped massively with my confidence, I probably wouldn’t’ve been answering the phone 2 years ago! They’ve also developed my skills massively, from digital marketing to organisation and time management

What is your favourite quote? 

Life is like a path. People can walk it with you but no one can walk it for you

What is your favourite thing(s) about PHD? 

The atmosphere in the office

Favourite TV show and why? 

Phoenix Nights. If you’ve seen it, you’ll know why!

If you didn't work at PHD what would be your dream job be and why?

Dream job would be a very good footballer on lots of money or a singer. I can't sing. Realistically it would’ve been cool to be a pilot

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