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Effective social media for business: when to post and where

Effective social media for business: when to post and where

Social media can be an extremely effective marketing tool for businesses.  You only have to look at what some of the large global companies are doing online to see what a difference a strong presence can make to business success.

Today we live in a connected world, whether it be via a laptop, iPad or phone, so it seems ludicrous to miss the opportunity to get in touch through as many routes as possible.

For example, out of the 64.1 million UK population, 57.3 million are active internet users, 38 million have social media accounts and there are 74.8 million phone users, which means multiple phones and even more opportunity for business.

However, as many may know, social media is about ‘the wizard not the wand’, you might have some magic content but it’s about how you use it.

The best platform to use, and when to post to be the most effective, generally depends on the type of the business you are in and who you are hoping to target… and here’s some help to get you started.

One way of thinking is to liken platforms to different life scenarios. Think of them as venues whereby Facebook would be a 30th birthday party, Twitter would be the local pub and LinkedIn a business exposition.

Facebook is an effective way to create brand awareness and to relay the face of the business by telling relaxed stories through images and videos. Twitter in turn is a great way to start and contribute to conversations and build brand awareness.  The platform has such a big potential audience it makes it easier to get content in front of more people and make noise. Instagram on the other hand is quite specialised and a good way to attract millennials or the younger audience. Finally, LinkedIn is a powerful tool to find, connect and engage with ideal professionals, so think about what you would like them to see.

The key to all of this is measurement. Tracking the analytics of your social media channels, helps you find out when and where you’re wasting your time.

Many people have different ideas on when it is most effective to post on a platform but there are some general ‘rules’ that most social media gurus stick by:

This said, analytics platforms such as Twitter analytics, Facebook insights, LinkedIn insights and Pinterest analytics can provide a better understanding of your audience and when they tend to show the most interest to your content in order that you can tailor your strategy. 

At the end of the day, social media is basically a free way to advertise and creates more opportunity to get in front of consumers during their ‘zero moment of truth’; the initial search for or inquiry into a product or service following a stimulus. Content must also be tailored to work effectively on the different channels.  

Find out more in our next blog where we will discuss creating and maximum utilisation of effective content for social media.