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Young girl at computer

10 things we'll remember from the Wearable Tech Show

10 things we'll remember from the Wearable Tech Show

The PHD team had a little glimpse of the future at the Wearable Tech Show in London this week. 

Now in its third year, the exhibition is London’s largest event for wearables, smart technology and the Internet Of Things (IoT).

Here are 10 experiences we’ll remember from our day at the ExCel centre:

Feeling hopeful about England's Euro 2016 prospects

The guys at Firstbeat were exhibiting their sports performance monitoring kit, which is used by 400+ professional outfits including the Football Association. Body sensors measure heart rate and heart rate variability, giving managers valuable insight into stress, recovery, overtraining and fitness. There may be a little more science behind Roy Hodgson’s decision-making come the quarter-finals in France....

More patriotic pride

Kinneir Dufort demonstrated just what “designed in Britain” means for speed and quality as they discussed their work on a viral campaign for Huggies in Korea. In just eight weeks the team created miniature cameras worn by mum and baby that activated at close range, capturing moments of extreme cuteness. You can read more about the project here

Learning the name of the fastest flying horse

Forget Pegasus - the swiftest Greek equine of all was Arion. How do we know this? Jurgen from Ato-Gear explained their "intelligent running lab" (an impressively thin inner-sole with an app) was named after this mythical beast. Arion measures gait and all manner of running technique information - helping you go faster and reduce your risk of injury. Read more here.

Exploring Mosul

The Economist invited us to "see the future of history" with a virtual reality experience of the Mosul Museum recently attacked by Islamic State. A Samsung Galaxy S6 and a Gear VR headset provided the 360 degree view. Impressive stuff.

Tightrope walking across the New York skyline

Adrenaline junkies we are not. But when the opportunity to walk between the Big Apple's tall buildings came up - from the safety of a conference seat in East London - we literally took the plunge. Congratulations to Atticus Digital on this great VR experience... we almost felt brave.

Witnessing a boxing demo with a difference

Jerry from Athletec gave us an energetic demonstration of his CORNER app. Two tiny sensors sitting on boxing gloves measure hand speed, combinations, power and performance for boxers. Real-time results, and conclusive proof or how hard you can punch. Who could want more...

A video game more angry than Angry Birds..

The Samsung stand got us very excited with this one. Their team showed it is possible to measure your "happiness" while you play video games. The “emotion recognition flow” technology displays emotion levels on screen, so if your partner is on the verge of madness due to Mario, you'll get fair warning first.

Finding a very useful invention

There should be no more losing it when you lose your keys. Chipolo creates Bluetooth keyrings that enable you to track your valuables via your phone. The app comes complete with live tracking information that could only be better if it said: "warmer, you're getting warmer..." out loud.

Considering the possibilities of contactless communication

Smartlink has developed wearable technology that can house up to 20 apps within a wristband. Who wants tech that will transfer money to a hotel bellboy in a handshake, open a door without a key and save you reaching into your pocket for a train ticket? We do!

Witnessing the power of Augmented Reality

Zappar gave us demos of a cave opening up in a children's book, buildings leaping from 2D displays and a live Sergio Aguero you can take your photo with. You can read more about Zappar here.

We attended the Wearable Tech Show on behalf of a client. If you’d like some help with the way you market your technology offering, get in touch with us today.