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10 reasons to blog your way to business

10 reasons to blog your way to business

A new blog is created somewhere in the world every half a second which according to WPVituoso means 172,800 new blogs are added to the internet every day.

Blog posts are not limited to a certain subject area; consumers and businesses can rely on blogs to provide relevant information and opinion on almost any topic they desire.

No business is too specialised. A blog can be created on just about any subject, whether it be a clock making shop or a construction company. The art of engaging with an audience comes down to writing posts that are passionate, relevant and filled with fresh content.

PHD Marketing has identified 10 ways that blogging can boost business.

  1. Regular postings will increase search engine traffic and the more relevant and fresh the content is, the higher the platform will appear in internet rankings, improving a company’s online presence. 
  2. Put a blog platform in the right place and you can significantly increase traffic to a company website. Hosting a blog on the company website means when a post appears in a Google search or a social media channel, the link will automatically take the reader to your site, hopefully encouraging them to navigate to other pages they might find useful. Fear not if your blog is being hosted on an external blog platform though - a link can easily be added to each post in order to point the reader in the direction of the website.
  3. Business can be very product-led and serious. A blog allows the writer to communicate with other businesses and consumers about their company and product offerings with a more informal tone. If you imagine the rest of your website is your ‘suited and booted’ look, the blog is your ‘dress-down Friday’ appearance. It also offers the chance to talk around wider issues affecting your industry, presenting an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise in the field, beyond products and the usual boardroom talk.
  4. According to Hubspot, return on investment (ROI) is more likely to increase for companies who blog. In fact, those who prioritise blogging have, on average, seen an increase in ROI of 13% each year.
  5. Due to the wide range of topics that can be covered in blog posts, it can open the door to new communication opportunities for the business in areas that might not be typically touched upon in regular public relations activity.
  6. Blogs give brands personality and enhance their appeal. They can add that human element or personal touch to the often cold face of business and industry. Great examples of posts that help achieve this are those relating to charity events, individual success stories and sponsorships.
  7. A blog can enable companies to establish themselves as the authoritative voice within an industry, becoming a publisher of credible and reliable material and information that customers and peers want to not only read but engage with too. It can help build up trust between two parties and potentially play a part in transforming leads into handshakes and an increase in conversion rates.
  8. According to WPVituoso blogs help to influence customers’ buying decisions and purchases as they feel that they get to know the company and product portfolio better.
  9. A blog is a great way to connect to people whilst encouraging discussions – it is essentially a powerful primary research tool to discover customer needs. 
  10.  Social media is an important part of business nowadays. Blogs can support social media by supplying relevant and original content to the platforms, which in turn will encourage customers and industry representatives to share content whilst all the time increasing brand credibility.

5 top tips for blogging: 

  1. Be consistent; maintain the same personality throughout
  2. Post regularly but not at the expense of quality
  3. Speak the language of your audience by using specific and relevant terms
  4. Connect with others, blogging is a community after all! Don’t be afraid to share other people’s blogs or mention other bloggers in your posts. You can even invite other businesses to be guest bloggers on your platform
  5. Surprise and reward readers; competitions and unexpected guest posts are a great way to increase engagement 

Here at PHD, we blog in relation to packaging and printing, advanced technology, beauty and care, health and nutrition and marketing. If your business would like to take the next step in the world of blogging don’t hesitate to contact us, we would be happy to help.