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10 Considerations For Corporate Videos

10 Considerations For Corporate Videos

Video can add ‘va va voom’ to any marketing effort. But experienced operators are essential if you want your film to be fab.

Here are 10 things to think about if you’re considering showcasing your business on the big (and small) screen.


Ever heard the film trailer rule? If it’s longer than 90 seconds the movie’s no good? While the same thing is not quite true for corporate videos, it’s almost always prudent to be brief. Think about where the video will be shown. Sales pitches? Ten minutes is a long time to sit staring at a screen in a small room with someone you’ve just met.

Attention spans on social media, in particular, are short too.

Animation instead?

Highly technical processes can often be better conveyed in illustration than on a production line. Similarly, animations can save shy and time poor team members from appearing live on camera. Cartoon, CGI and white-board style options are easily available but require very detailed briefs.

Interview or voiceover?

At PHD we don’t ask our clients to read a script on camera. Instead we prep the team with bullet points and allow them to tell the story in their own words. Voiceovers can also help story flow. Professional copywriters can prepare a script with substance and punch.

Prepping the team

Before the day(s) of shooting remind and reassure your colleagues. Helping your colleagues to remember the cameras will be there will provide a nice excuse for everyone to dress a little bit smarter. And tell them there’s no need to panic. Professional video crews are used to nerves and will not expect anyone to create the perfect take first time.

Factory filming

Many PHD clients are manufacturers and shooting within a factory environment can be challenging if not planned well. Noise and light can be an issue and there is the added complexity of matching production schedules to filming days. Constant communication between all those involved is key.

The weather

Everything – bar the vampires - looks better in sunlight, but it’s an uncontrollable element. The best we can do is improve the odds by shooting in the summer, or failing that, taking advantage of areas with plenty of natural light.

Shooting environments

An experienced camera crew will adapt and find interesting angles anywhere but it’s well worth thinking about how suitable your workplace is for filming. Are the walls significantly soundproof? Is there enough space to move? Where can the camera crew keep their equipment? Does anything need a polish, or maybe hiding, before the cameras start rolling?


Video production can include multiple variables. Number of shooting days, number of camera crew, number of locations, number of amendments … these will all impact on schedules and costs. As always, a tight brief and precise planning will reduce expenditure and turnaround times. Remember - communications companies like PHD can always work to budgets. You might be surprised how little a high-quality film can cost. 


Poor planning means many corporate videos don't gain anything like the exposure they deserve. Often the focus is on creating a perfect film, with too little consideration given to how it will be shared afterwards. Read our blog here to find out how video popularity is growing online.

Final thoughts

Do … look to create several videos at once or combine a value-add service such as still life photography on the same day.

Don’t … pick an eye-catching outfit without checking with the crew first - red, oranges or stripes can glow or create a rainbow effect.

We’ve recently created a variety of videos and animations for our clients, including Parkside and SmartKem. If your business is ready for a close-up, why not call our team on 01977 708 643.